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Internship Experiences

Art students are encouraged to take advantage of internship opportunities during their time at FSU and share the valuable experiences and applicable skills they gain. To share your own experience, please submit an internship experience item.  A listing of internship opportunities are available on this site for interested current students. If you are interested, you may add/submit an upcoming/open opportunity.

FSU Art BA ’17 Alexa Kroitoro Shares Her Internship Experience at Ginger Straps

August 12, 2016
For my summer 2016 internship, I was given the opportunity to work alongside an extremely talented and well-driven individual named Leana Loh. ...

FSU Art BA ’17 C Diamond Interns with FSU College of Fine Arts

August 11, 2016
The past few months have been very interesting for me, and I have learned more than I really thought possible. I have been able to take on large projects and learn how to present m ...

FSU Art BA ’16 Charlotte Byrd's Internship with ACMT

August 11, 2016
After being in a professional work environment for over 10 years, adjusting to the professional environment of the American College of Medical Toxicology was not a concern. ...

FSU Art BA ’16 Elizabeth Anderson Interns with Coton Colors

August 9, 2016
For this internship, I went into it having no real idea of what my job at Coton Colors would entail. ...

FSU Art BA ’16 Nicole Guzman Museum Preparator Internship with FSU’s Museum of Fine Arts

August 9, 2016
It’s Friday night, to most it’s pay day, to some it’s the end of a long work week, to an artist it’s the show opening of their artwork, and to the preparator it’s the cal ...