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Internship Experiences

Art students are encouraged to take advantage of internship opportunities during their time at FSU and share the valuable experiences and applicable skills they gain. To share your own experience, please submit an internship experience item.  A listing of internship opportunities are available on this site for interested current students. If you are interested, you may add/submit an upcoming/open opportunity.

FSU Art BFA ’18 Sophia Baldwin’s Internship at Master Craftsman

May 23, 2017
I feel honored to have interned with the Master Craftsman Studio. All I want to do is learn and they are always teaching me. ...

FSU Art BA '17 Lauren Vaccaro's Internship at 621 Gallery

May 9, 2017
During the spring semester of 2017, I was an intern at 621 Gallery, a gallery at Railroad Square Art Park that features artwork of emerging artists. ...

FSU Art BA '17 Khandice Long's Internship at 621 Gallery

May 8, 2017
Ultimately, my experience at 621 Gallery has taught me to be more flexible with changing circumstances. ...

FSU Art BA '17 Carly Curry's Internship with Sangha Press

May 8, 2017
For the Spring 2017 semester, I interned at Sangha Press, located in Railroad Square. ...

FSU Art BFA '18 Emily McCullers Kelly's Internship at the Master Craftsman Studio

May 8, 2017
This experience alone taught me the importance of “just asking” in creating opportunities for oneself. ...