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Internship Experiences

Art students are encouraged to take advantage of internship opportunities during their time at FSU and share the valuable experiences and applicable skills they gain. To share your own experience, please submit an internship experience item.  A listing of internship opportunities are available on this site for interested current students. If you are interested, you may add/submit an upcoming/open opportunity.

FSU Art BFA '17 Mathew Figueroa Shares Internship Experience with Covalent Reality

December 5, 2017
For any students who are looking for an internship experience that will give them excellent skills for the technology/design field, a flexible and fun work environment, and a real ...

FSU Art BA '20 Sarah Boland Shares Internship Experience with Mary Stewart

December 5, 2017
This semester I was able to experience a teaching internship with Professor Mary Stewart’s Contemporary Art Foundations class. After taking her course the previous fall, I was of ...

FSU Art BA '18 Corinne Slautterback's Internship at DSA Marketing & Communications

November 28, 2017
During this fall semester, I have been working as a graphic design intern at the DSA Marketing & Communications office at Florida State University. ...

FSU Art BFA '18 Jenn Egelfeld's Internship at All Saints Cinema

November 27, 2017
This internship allowed me to lay the foundation of further exploration into this profession–the potential to work as a graphic designer in a company, a web mockup developer, amo ...

FSU Art BA '17 Gabrielle Vega's Internship at 621 Gallery

July 27, 2017
This was an opportunity that really equipped me with the knowledge I need in order to handle work in the future. ...