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Awards & Achievements

BFA '16 Laura O'Connor Researching Ceramic Water Filtration Methods

August 25, 2016
"During my time there, I researched ceramic water filter fabrication methods, both native and foreign, that the community has experimented with. Simultaneously, I spent time record ...

FSU Art MFA '14 Samantha Burns: First Place for WORDS+TEXT+NUMBERS in St. Louis

July 10, 2016
This exhibition explored what can happen when artists use textual characters, such as letters, words, numbers, as central elements in their work. ...

Department of Art BFA Danielle Delph’s "If I Had Known My Mother Back Then" Gleans Wide Media Coverage

June 29, 2016
FSU Department of Art BFA Alumni Danielle Delph created a project titled If I Had Known My Mother Back Then, which involved a photo collection that caught the attention of many med ...

MANDEM Awarded "Outstanding Work in Sculpture" at Waterloo Arts (Cleveland, Ohio)

June 11, 2016
"Domestication #1 – Her Brother's Keeper," a mixed media sculptural painting, was selected for the exhibit by guest curator Rob Lehr, who is the director of marketing at the Can ...

BFA Gabrielle Arnold and Grayson Goga Awarded IDEA Grant for Facial Replacement Animation Research

May 20, 2016
The two students have written a design script, which will be pushed to life by September, 2016. The technology of facial replacement animation through 3D printing is a freshly deve ...