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Main and Station Seeking Submissions for Outdoor Sculpture

Published March 9, 2017

Main & Station Visual Material in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia is desperately seeking a sculpture for a land and townscape. Sites for sculptures include the town, beaches, shoreline, and hills. Sites will be chosen to enhance and connect with the chosen works and to emphasize the history and geography of the town of Parrsboro. No sculpture is too large, small, or strange.

Eligibility: Open to all
Guidelines for Art
Sculpture must be suitable for outdoor public display. It should be stable and free-standing. Artists will be expected to install their own sculptures within the designated time frame and remove them the week after the tour ends leaving the site in its original condition and to have the necessary proofs of insurance.
How To Submit
Send submission and/or CD/DVD to:
Main & Station, P.O.Box 507, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, B0M 1S0 or by e-mail to
An electronic submission or a CD/DVD should be labeled with the name of the artist. It should have at least 3 images of the sculpture. Each image must be a PC-compatible JPEG file at 300 dpi, as close to but not larger in either dimension than 750 pixels. Each JPEG file must be named in the following format – “last name_title_view #.jpg” – where the artist’s last name is followed by underscore, title of artwork, underscore, view number (1, 2 or 3), file extension.(jpg) Please do not present your work as a montage of images (ie., in a PowerPoint file); each image must be a separate JPEG.
Self-addressed stamped envelope of proper size and sufficient postage should be enclosed if the artist wants the return of submitted materials
Artist is responsible for transport, anchoring system, installation of the sculpture, and removal after the tour leaving the site in its original condition and will require all the necessary insurance.
We will notify you if your work is accepted.
Sculptures can be made available for sale or rental.
The sculptures will remain on exhibit for at least 1 year.
Each chosen work will receive an honorarium.
An artist reception/ vernissage may be held.

For more information about this Main & Station initiative, please visit, phone 514-717-4823, or contact Harvey Lev or Judith S Bauer, at