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Listing of Calls for Public Art from Florida Association of Public Art Professionals (FAPAP)

Published July 9, 2013

Listing of Calls for Public Art from  Florida Association of Public Art Professionals (FAPAP)

1)    Established Florida Artist(s)–Public Art in Private Development—Budget–$180,000
Need competence in creating both 2D artworks (interior) and 3D (exterior) sculpture –for a health care facility in Clearwater.  Need to have a track record of success with at least one large scale project (with budget over $60K).  Focus will be the creation of an interior lobby wall artwork as well as exterior sculptural elements–such as: free standing sculptures, benches, exercise equipment (related to an exercise trail), shade structures or other outdoor landscape enhancements.  Deadline: July 17, 2013.
If you know of any top notch Florida based artists who may be interested in this opportunity, please send me their names (and contact information if available); I will contact them with application instructions.  Or you can pass this information on to these artists directly, and they can contact me for further details and instructions–Mark Flickinger at

2)    Annual “Sculpture360” exhibition with $3,000 honorarium.  Deadline  July 17, 2013. Three sculptures to be selected.

Eesign and construction of three sports themed mosaic murals at new buildings in Mullins Park.  $30,000. Deadline July 31, 2013.

“Sculpture Wall” 13-foot fence for Public Library.  $2,000.  Deadline August 15.

Annual “Sculpture Experience” temporary exhibition with $250 travel stipend and a $1,000 Best of Show award.  Entry fee of $40.  Deadline September 2, 2013. Sixteen sculptures to be selected.

Developing a Qualified Artist list.  Six upcoming projects.  Qualified artists are eligible to apply for the next 5 years. Deadline August 27, 2014.

Bench Design.  $20,000 design fee. Deadline July 9.!tamarac-bench-rfp/cx7h

Exposed wall for pool.   Budget $25,000.  Deadline July 19, 2013.