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Kinetic Imaging at VCUarts

Published December 2, 2014
Kinetic Imaging at VCUarts

Kinetic Imaging at VCUarts

Virginia Commonwealth University is located in the raging art scene of Richmond. It’s a city awash in galleries and show opportunities, which are a fine accompaniment to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. When the need arises to spread one’s wings, Washington D.C., the Chesapeake, and New York City are all easily accessible.

Each of their MFA students has studio space in VCU’s Fine Arts Building, which facilitates interdisciplinary study with our top-ranking Sculpture and Painting & Printmaking departments. Their graduate program is a 60 unit, two-year program of residency. The curriculum is streamlined and focused: each semester the student is required to take graduate seminar, graduate studio, and one elective. To reinforce an interdisciplinary methodology, they encourage students to interact with VCU’s other graduate programs. Their undergraduate program consists of 100 undergraduate students studying video, animation and sound. They encourage the graduate students to participate in the undergraduate by working as a teaching assistant or acting as a mentor.

First semester:
In the first month the graduate director will select the graduate committee: three or four faculty members from the Kinetic Imaging Department. One of the committee members
may be from another discipline, chosen by the graduate student. The student is responsible for contacting the outside member and informing the graduate advisor and other committee
members. The committee will meet twice in the first semester with the graduate student.

Second semester:
The graduate student will meet with the graduate committee twice this semester. The candidacy review will be scheduled for April. The advancement to candidacy requirements
are to set up an exhibition of the year’s research in the first two weeks of April and present a defense of the work. The committee will review the work to determine granting or denial of candidacy. The graduate student is responsible for securing an exhibition space off-campus

Third semester:
The student is expected to continue with research, with 2 formal committee meetings.
One committee member may be changed if the student elects to do so, but it should be
done in consultation with the graduate advisor.
Fourth semester
The graduate student will prepare work for a thesis exhibition. As in prior semesters,
there will be two formal meetings with the graduate committee. The student will select
one committee member to be a reader for the written thesis document with the final draft
given to each graduate committee member one week before the exhibition.

Applications and portfolios must be submitted online by January 15.


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