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Illustrator for a Children’s Story

Published July 28, 2015

Seth Lyon, the author of the book, says:

I am an undergraduate student at the university reaching out to fellow students and artists interested in illustration. With the help of a few upper-level grad students and professors from the English department, I have a finished manuscript in need of 30+ illustrations that I have sketched into storyboards. The storyboards are more for a visualization of concept rather than an expectation. The story itself is a whimsical, cadence-driven poem that involves dreamy landscapes, strange creatures, and a lot of flowing cloth from the main character’s dress.

Illustrator for a Children's StoryIllustrator for a Children's Story

Compensation would have exactly everything to do with what the artist was trying to get out of the job and would have be discussed individually with any artists that showed interest.

Attached are five storyboards at different parts of the story.

There are no deadlines or requirements. I would be more than interested in seeing an artist bring their own creative style and imagery to the project as long as the tone of the story remained intact. No prior experience is required. An abstract deadline would be the end of the year– but even that is malleable.


For more information contact Seth Lyon, at