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FSU Art BA ’15 Hasan Mangal Interning with CyberNole

Published October 20, 2015
Logo / Mascot – Print Collateral

Logo / Mascot – Print Collateral

Over the summer semester I met a writer for, a digital publication. Through networking (and dire need for a well-designed logo) I was able to intern with the student-led organization, which has a lot of potential. The articles were interesting and I thought I could test my skills and build a portfolio by taking this digital publication to the next level.

My goals for this internship are to:

1. Unify this organization’s image with a professional looking corporate identity that remains consistent across all social platforms.
2. Create as much print collateral as possible.
3. Help to expand the reach of this digital publication with maximum digital marketing.

I started off branding this organization with a logo that went through 5-6 trials before finally becoming complete. Once we implemented the preliminary logo design, we ran into some challenges with the elongated shape of the logo design. We determined a more square-shaped logo would work better than the logo we had originally decided on. After making a few position adjustments, I brought the new design up at a meeting and it was decided that the square design would be implemented, as the current logo would be the official logo of the publication.

During my logo sketch process, I also created a design for a mascot-robot as a possibility to be the final logo, it was decided that we would use both. The logo would be used in branding and marketing – the mascot would be only used in marketing.

Immediately after finalizing the logo design and mascot illustration, I started my mission on print collateral. Starting with a flyer for the weekly meetings. We decided to go with a 2-part design in order to reach as much people as possible and also created a visual break from the other 8.5” x 11” flyers that could possibly interfere.

I am currently working on a fold-able flyer that will be used in recruiting future writers and illustrations for select topics on the news site, and print copies of the digital articles to bring more traffic to the online presence.

This is my last semester at Florida State and after I graduate I plan to go back home to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. My ultimate goal is to start my own design firm and exhibit digital works in local galleries. To get there I plan on interning/working for established design firms to understand parts of business that I am certain will be crucial to my success. (And find out all their secrets!)

Facebook page with official logo and banner.

Facebook page with official logo and banner.