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FAMU’s Ghana Study Abroad – Art & Sustainability

Published November 3, 2016
screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-2-26-14-pmSign up now for FAMU’s Ghana Study Abroad – Art & Sustainability program for the Summer A 2017 semester. 
2 courses / 6 credits (accepted at FSU) – ARH 3520 African Art: Ghana & ART 4928C Advanced Workshop: Art & Sustainability in Ghana
6 weeks in Ghana, West Africa

Arts and culture can be a powerful driver of environmentally friendly, socially just and healthier communities. This is expressed in Ghana
in several ways where artists repurpose waste items to create fashionable garments and products that generate economic benefits
to society. Others repurpose metal cans and other refuse into sculptures. These organizations also employ local labor, stimulating the local
economy and improving the quality of life.

The goal of this study abroad program is to expose students to Ghana’s rich diversity of artistic traditions through a series of workshops,
lectures, and performance demonstrations by instructors, artisans, and other expert practitioners. Through interactive experiences, students
will explore sustainability concepts through the lens of contemporary Ghanaian art. The focus is on providing artisan training and stimulating
critical-thinking skills relevant to students’ future careers, while also offering intercultural experiences to help prepare them to enter the
global economy following graduation.


Ghana is a lively and friendly environment where students will have the opportunity to experience another culture. It is also one of the friendliest West African nations. Ghanaians live in close-knit neighborhoods or towns where society is focused on family and community affording students the opportunity to bond with their host family. While living in a different country for six weeks, students will taste foreign cuisine, tour amazing sites, including vibrant markets that offer everything from fruits and vegetables to wax print cloths and local crafts. Even though English is the official language of the nation, students will have the opportunity to learn some words in a different language during their stay.


This is a tailored program that offers an immersive educational experience in visual arts, business and environmental science, yet appeals to anyone interested in the cultural experience.

First deposit is due Thursday, December 1st, 2016.

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