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Exciting new student organization for innovators

Published February 13, 2012

To all student entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, hackers, makers, designers, and coders:

FSU’s Program in Interdisciplinary Computing ( is coordinating and sponsoring the creation of an FSU Student Organization for students interested in innovating with digital technologies. This organization will serve as a springboard for exploring innovative ideas for web apps, start-ups, and all forms of digital expression. More importantly, it will provide an opportunity for students to explore the technologies and code behind the apps. This organization will provide opportunities for networking and the sharing ideas – bringing entrepreneurs, designers, and developers together to transform brilliant ideas, into functional applications.

Today’s most successful entrepreneurs, product designers, and creative professionals in every industry depend on their ability to bring their visions to reality through computer code. Learning to code, is no longer the sole domain of scientists and engineers, but a powerful and accessible tool for everyone.
If this student organization sounds like something you might be interested in then please plan on attending an exploratory meeting  – fill in the possible dates and times you can attend here: will be FREE drinks and pizza provided!
Join us in starting a coding revolution at FSU!

From a recent article in USAToday:
“Being knowledgeable in programming has become a smart investment for college students of all disciplines as they enter the workforce. Within the past five years, the demand for apps has created 466,000 jobs in the United States according to an analysis by technology trade group TechNet.”