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Digital Photography Lab Monitor Position at Tallahassee Community College

Published December 13, 2016

Tallahassee Community College is looking for a part-time Digital Photography Lab Monitor for the spring semester, two nights per week. Photography knowledge is not necessary, but it is a plus.

The Digital Photography Lab Monitor is responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring computer users to ensure that they are authorized for access.
  • Helping students by answering their questions, including:
    • Referring them to other information sources (i.e. instructor, handouts, manuals).
    • Providing general help with computer operation and software features (printing, saving and retrieving documents).
    • Helping with special features of lab supported software packages.
    • Disk operations (formatting disks, copying files).
  • Maintaining the lab, which includes:
    • Checking lab supplies (printer ink cartridges).
    • Reporting problems or lack of supplies.
    • Checking for damaged or faulty equipment, vandalism and theft.
    • Housekeeping (ensuring paper is in bins, chairs under desks, etc.)
    • Checking for rule violations.
  • Being prompt and responsible, which means:
    • Opening and closing the lab on time.
    • Being on time for scheduled shifts and notifying a supervisor if unable to report.
    • Not leaving the lab for an extended period of time during shifts and notifying supervisors if there is a problem.
  • Maintaining a professional presence, which means:
    • Behaving in a professional manner while in a lab.
    • Treating all users with courtesy and respect.
    • Not spending too much time with one user at the expense of others who may need help.

Please email your resume to to apply or to obtain more information.