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DART Sustainable Multi-Modal Transit Hub Call for Artists

Published April 5, 2011


The Transit Hub will serve as the spine of the transit system throughout greater Des Moines. The facility is designed to gather public transportation services (local bus, express bus, bikes, connections to future passenger rail, access to taxi services, stop location for intercity bus services) into one location. The Transit Hub will offer:
• a climate-controlled building
• 15 saw-tooth bays, covered waiting areas
• public waiting and restroom areas
• a customer service center
• bike storage and changing room
• vendor space
• employee restrooms and showers
• management and administrative offices.

The DART Transit Hub will be a unique facility that embodies the local commitment to public transit and exhibits concern for the environment through its efficient design. DART believes there is a great opportunity to create extraordinary public art for this transit hub to be appreciated by passengers and valued by the community.

DART is open to any inventive ideas for incorporating art into the facility based on a common theme. Specific areas of focus for DART will be:

1. The south fence / screen wall of the facility.
2. The glass windscreens on the customer platforms and the interior glass wall inside the building.
3. Backs for the benches
4. Lighting for illuminating the facility, subject to LEED restrictions
5. A floor design for the main entrance (currently specified for concrete)
6. Photography documenting the LEED aspects of the building
7. Standalone sculpture piece for the plaza
8. Individual pieces for display in public areas
ART THEME: DART desires that there be a theme linking all of the artwork on the site. The theme for the art has not been selected. The selected artist or artist team will need to propose at least three themes for the art which will be presented to the DART project team to choose from.


In keeping with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidelines to incorporate art into mass transit projects, DART will use the following criteria when considering art for the DART Sustainable Multi-Modal Transit Hub:
• Quality of art or design;
• Impact on transit customers;
• Connection to site and/or adjacent community; art that relates, in form or substance to the cultural, intellectual, or historic interests and values of the community or the nation and its people and natural or built surroundings, in which the project is located;
• Adequate consideration in design and installation to assure public health, safety, and welfare;
• Appropriateness for the site, including scale;
• Durability and sustainability of materials;
• Resistance to vandalism; and
• Cost.

Further Logistics….


The selection panel is composed of members of the Project Design team, Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation, DART customers and DART staff members. The panel will consider and evaluate all applications submitted and will recommend finalists based on written statements, quality of portfolio submissions and previous experience.

Finalists will visit Des Moines for individual interviews with the Selection Panel. At the interview, finalist artists or artist teams will have the opportunity to ask questions and to present additional materials – digital images or PowerPoint – to reinforce and illustrate their particular approach to past projects.

Each artist or artist team will be assessed on their ability and qualifications as illustrated in previous commissions or similar scale and scope, their approach to the project and reasons they feel their work or approach is best suited for the site.

The Selection Panel will then make a recommendation to the DART Commission (the panel reserves the right to recommend none of the submissions). A design honorarium of $1,500 will be awarded to each finalist artist or artist team.


The following materials should be included with your application:
1. Artist’s Statement – Artists and artist teams are required to submit a letter expressing their interest in the project as well as a description of your approach to the project and design.
2. A resume or biographical sketch, not to exceed 1 page for each artist in the team, highlighting pertinent experience.
3. EIGHT (8) digital images of artwork per artist; artists applying as a team may submit a maximum of TWENTY (20) images.
4. An image list, organized to correspond with the image order in the application, identifying each artwork by title, year completed, medium, dimensions, location it was installed, if commissioned and a brief description.


The Public Art budget for the project is approximately $300,000 (additional funding may be available depending upon how the artwork can be leveraged into the construction of the project). The budget includes all art costs associated with the project including, but not limited to: artist’s design fees, travel, materials, fabrication costs, documentation, and transportation and installation of the work. For the identified budget DART is anticipating that art will be able to be placed at most of the identified location on the site using different mediums.


Call to Artists Issue Date – Monday, March 21, 2011

Application Deadline – Friday, April 15, 2011

Announcement of Finalists – Early May, 2011

Finalists Presentations – Week of May 16 or 23, 2011

Announcement of Selected Artist/Team – Week of May 30, 2011

Contract Approval Process – May 31, 2011

Art Design – June to September 2011

Art Production – Based on construction schedule, installation no later than September 2012

All information can be found here