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Call for Submissions: Spring 2017 Art Student Awards

Published November 14, 2016

The FSU Department of Art announces the 2017 Art Student Awards. These awards recognize the strength of our students and that means YOU!

The online application is available now.  Please read the following information carefully:

Applications are due by January 12th at 11:59pm 

Apply here


The application procedures have changed! Please read through the following information for detailed instructions:


What is it: Each spring term, the Department of Art presents a number of monetary awards to students on a competitive basis. The Department of Art offers 33 awards each spring, ranging from $250 to $1000. Students must be currently enrolled and in good academic standing. A complete list of awards can be found on the webpage above. 


Selection Process: You will submit one well-designed application in one of the following categories: BA, BFA, MFA. The Award Selection Committee (comprised of Art Department faculty members) will then consider you for all of the awards for which you are eligible.


Due Dates: The Award Submission Portal will open on November 10. The submission deadline is January 12 at 11:59pm. The file size for each application is pretty large. So, please try to submit early. (If fifty people try to submit at 11:45pm on January 12, the system may crash!)


Application StrategyPut all of your effort into making your single application clear, compelling, and informative. Here’s how:

•    Develop a concise yet compelling artist’s statement between 150 and 350 words in length. Start with a brief biographical statement, followed by a description of the ideas that drive your work. End with a brief description of your primary medium (such as Printmaking, Painting, Digital Media, etc.) and how you use that medium to express your ideas. If you work equally in two focus areas, describe each of them briefly.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are applying for an Ann Kirn Scholarship (a $1000 award), you must include a thoughtful description of the role that design plays in your studio practice.

Select the five to eight images that best represent your studio practiceBe sure that your images are photographed well and cropped as needed. File sizes should be less than 2MB. A video will be considered as one image. Submit your video to Vimeo or YouTube and provide a link within your application. A balance between breadth and depth is ideal. If no two images are related in any way, your submission can appear unfocused. If all of the images are extremely similar, you can come across as short on imagination.

SPECIAL NOTE: Most importantly, be sure all of the images presented are your very best. It is better to submit six great images than to submit six great ones and two weak ones.

•    Write a brief description of each image and provide the title, size, medium and date completed. This is a great opportunity to build on the general comments from your Artist’s Statement through specific information about each image.

•    Please avoid grammatical glitches in your application. They undermine your credibility.

SPECIAL NOTE: The application as a whole may evolve over several days and is likely to take many hours to complete. Putting the necessary time and thought into it will greatly improve your chances of success. Furthermore, once you have laid the groundwork with this application, you will be better prepared for future applications for awards on or off campus. A sample application is also included at the webpage noted above.