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Art in State Buildings Call to Artists

Published October 3, 2016

Fourth DCA Project West Palm Beach, Florida Completion Date TBD

Project Budget: $72,135

Deadline to Apply: December 2, 2016 by 7:59 PM EST

Florida Art in State Buildings Program is looking to commission up to 4 exterior artworks for a new District Court of Appeal courthouse in downtown West Palm Beach.

Fourth District Court of Appeal Project

Florida’s Art in State Buildings (ASB) Program is requesting qualifications from artists for a commissioned art opportunity for the new District Court of Appeal courthouse located in downtown West Palm Beach on Tamarind Avenue between Clematis and Datura streets (111 S Tamarind Ave). The Art Selection Committee would like to commission artwork for one or more of four (4) possible exterior sites surrounding the courthouse. They are also open to purchasing existing artworks. The artwork should not depict any overt or obvious symbol of the court but should – in a realistic, naturalistic or even abstract way – reflect, embody and convey the enduring strength, dignity and stature of the American court system. The courthouse will be 40,495 square feet and will be able to accommodate up to 98 employees. This Fourth District Court of Appeal hears a number of cases from a broad geographic area and diverse demographic. For both commissioned and purchased artwork, the stated budget is all inclusive, providing for design, fabrication, installation and photo-documentation. All outdoor artwork must be low maintenance and resistant to the extremes of Florida’s heat and humidity.



All artists who have reached a certain level of expertise and recognition in their field may participate in Florida’s Art in State Buildings Program. Their résumés should illustrate that they have met two of the following criteria:

1) they have completed other public commissions on a similar scale,

2) they have received awards, grants or fellowships,

3) their works are included in private, public, corporate or museum collections, or

4) they have participated in exhibitions at major museums or galleries.

Finalists will be provided a stipend to support the preparation and presentation of a proposal. It is also possible the Committee may choose an existing artwork for installation instead of, or in addition to, requesting proposals.

Much more information regarding the project in detail can be found here.

Questions? Contact Lee Modica at (850) 766-7117 or