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Art for Health Care Tech Company (Uber Operations)

Published October 22, 2012

We are a small health IT company located in Tallahassee, Florida. We would like to commission a talented artist to create a work of art that resembles characteristics of our company. We would like a painting (or other, suggestions are welcome) that contains our colors and images of our industry. We would provide images, logos and collateral to assist in the design. We can also work closely with the artist so she/he has all the information needed to create a work of art that will brighten our currently empty walls.

Our alternative is to go with boring ”office art”. That is not what we want and we would love your help.

Things that represent us:
– health care
– technology
– data
– saving lives
– influenza
– hospitals
– doctor
– computers
– Dept of Health
– servers
– technology hub
– innovation
We would like to start the process soonest. We are excited to move forward, we just need a talented artist to help. Compensation will be discussed with the artist upon initial contact.
One of corp banners