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Animal Therapy Coloring Book Sketches with Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Animal Therapy

Published March 31, 2016

12814788_10153975998754188_7448790230468473118_nOur Animal Therapy program is seeking help to create a coloring book consisting of some of our animals. The coloring books will eventually be given to children that animal therapy teams visit, such as in the hospital. The goal is for animal therapy and art therapy to collaborate to create a tool that will offer children a distraction from what is happening around them. It will promote well-being and happiness when a child can show their family a picture they colored of the therapy animal that visited them in the hospital.


We are looking for possibly an art or art therapy student who would voluntarily donate some of their time to sketch some of our animal therapy teams. The artist would receive recognition in the book, be able to use it as advertising for future commissioned work and can add it to their resume, emphasizing pro bono work and civic engagement. The drawings would be basic sketches consisting mostly of contour lines and would be given pictures of the animal as reference. We have a sample coloring book from another program to show what we are looking for, but the artist would have creative freedom too.


The deadline suggested will be the end of summer 2016. Contact Aleah Lodge for more information.