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Amy Fleming: Bodies of Water

Published September 1, 2011

The work of Amy Fleming, MFA ’10, will be on exhibit at the Atlantic Center for the Arts during the months of September and October. Fleming’s print collages are included in the group show ”Bodies of Water: Florida Artists Consider the Figure.”





Artist’s Statement:

I am drawn to discards, to that which is battered and rusted, to salvage yards and dump sites. These debris-filled landscapes become for me a modern day Valley of Dry Bones, from the Old Testament story of Ezekiel’s vision of life returning to things that were dead. Images range from drawn junkyard items to prints made directly from the objects themselves; along with drawings of an air conditioner or an old automotive heater coil, there are rubbings made from those objects. Screenprints, rubbings, woodcuts and lithographs are combined into collages as a way of exploring the ways life returns from the rubble. I take a painterly approach to printmaking in that each print is treated as a shape and as a color to be included in a larger work, rather than an image to be editioned. Printmaking also incorporates the concept of multiple originals, not unlike the mass produced consumable items that are represented here. Or for that matter, not unlike each of us.

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