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Aldea Residency in Norway

Published May 23, 2017

Aldea is offering the opportunity to undertake a one month residency from October 10th to November 12th for three artists and an additional exhibition at Tag Team Studio on November 3rd in Bergen, Norway.

The selected artists will be housed within a 15 minute walk from the downtown core in the beautiful Christinegård Villa, and the Tag Team gallery and workshop will serve as a communal studio and production space until the exhibition date.

Each artist will receive:

  • A single room inside the Villa
  • Paid travel expenses (a maximum of 5000 NOK)
  • Daily allowance of 200 NOK per day
  • 7000 NOK in production fees for the exhibition

The selected group will also be offered 2500 SEK to employ a writer to prepare text for the exhibition. In addition to the group exhibition each artist will be expected to give a small talk on their work. Applications from Norway-based residents are not permitted.

For more information about the residency and information on applying, please visit Aldea’s website.