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Department of Art / Specialized Studies / Public Art and Architectural Art

Public Art and Architectural Art

FSU’s Public Art and Architectural Art Specialized Studies Program is for undergraduate art majors.  If you are an FSU Art major and you have or will have completed your Foundations requirements and Sculpture 1 during the semester in which you apply, you are eligible to apply. 


Public Art


ARH3405 Contemporary Art for Public Spaces (Online):

This undergraduate survey course will address key conceptual issues as they relate to the function(s) of public art/architectural art. Discussions will include the history, theories and models of public art, contemporary social/cultural issues associated with creating art for the public sphere, relationship to architecture/environment, and analysis of existing public art projects.

ART3845 Entering the Public Sphere: How to Apply for Public Art Commissions (Online):

This undergraduate course provides information about the process of applying for public art commissions including in-depth information about each component of the application. Students will go through the process of designing a public art project and creating a complete proposal.  This course will provide insight into the business side of public art and the experiences of creating a proposal that will elucidate the beginning steps of creating work for the public sphere.

How to Apply

Deadline:  Friday, 3/16/2015 at 11:59 pm
Submit the following information in this order in .pdf format. Please email your .pdfs, with your full name, to Carolyn Henne at

Your Information:

Year in School:
Number of total credit hours completed to date:
FSU email address:
Phone number:

Please include:

  • An unofficial transcript
  • Current course schedule
  • Essay:
    • In 300-500 words, "How do I see this program fitting in with my educational and career goals?"
  • 5-10 Images of work (with each image, provide description)
    • If it is an assignment, what was the assignment?
    • If it was not an assignment, what were you trying to do? 
    • Media:
    • Dimensions:
    • Year the work was made: