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Department of Art / Resources / Environmental Health & Safety Guide

Environmental Health & Safety Guide


The information provided in this guide is a resource for students, staff and faculty working in the Florida State University Department of Art.

All information is only an assessment of potential hazards and recommended precautions. As artists our materials, tools and studio spaces have inherent chemical, mechanical, fire and electrical hazards. We are individually responsible for understanding and taking the necessary precautions to protect our own health and the health of our peers.

All students should expect to receive in-class training and information before using chemicals or machinery at FSU.

This set of materials was resourced from the Princeton Art Safety Triaining Guide.

Environmental Health and Safety

  • The Department of Art Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) program at Florida State University helps the entire institution by supporting and promoting safe and healthy work practices in labs and classrooms. The Department of Art also has a Safety Officer that works to coordinate and improve the safety of our facility.
  • If you have questions about working safely in the Department of Art that are not answered in this guide, you may contact the Main Art Office in the Fine Art Building at 644-2932 and request to meet with the Art Department Safety Officer.
  • The Department of EH&S also offers several safety training modules that are free to faculty, staff and students. Additionally these modules are documentation of training that may helpful with future art and education employment.

Noah Brock

Facilities Cordinator and Health and Safety